House, Disco and Bass from East London club night, hosted by Debonair, KMG, Slothboogie and TImmy.

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    Prosumer tearing boiler room apart

    Gifted & Blessed - Within these machines __ Gifted & Blessed

    One of this year’s most appropriately named LPs, Within These Machines is by no means Gifted and Blessed’s first album but it does see him expand his style somewhat with typically excellent results. There are more overtly house and techno moments here for example, though tracks like the gurgling “Tesla’s Notebook” and restless “Rain Dance” are as experimentally minded as ever.

    Out now on 2 x LP


    1. Within These Machines
    2. My Five Year
    3. Sol
    4. The Gospel
    5. The Road Ahead
    6. Rain Dance
    7. Tesla’s Notebook
    8. Still Standing
    9. Untrustitled
    10. Truth Rising
    11. Between Matter And Spirit
    12. Made It Through
    13. The Winds Have Passed




    Bluredism - Life Don’t Blink - Teng Records

    Released on October 14th a nice bit of Bass from the Teng stable. Cop it

    Mr Scruff, Floating Points, Tom Smith & MC Kwasi - Live @ Dimensions Festival

    Great back to back to back DJ session on the Dubsmugglers soundsystem at this year’s Dimensions festival in Croatia. Mr Scruff teams up alongside Floating Points, and Tom Smith from the ace Cosmic Slop night in Leeds, all held together by the mighty MC Kwasi. All played vinyl, one or two tunes each for most of the session, with a slightly longer set each towards the end.

    Nowakowski - September mix

    Awesomely awesome monthly podcast straight from the Swedish west-coast. Solid from start to finish….

    1. Leonid / Galax / Dolly
    2. KSoul & MuteOscillator / Soul Hell / Dekmantel
    3. Basic Soul Unit / Thaw / Fanzine
    4. Sei A / Blades of Brasil / Turbo
    5. Boddika / Steam / Swamp 81
    6. HNNY / Kela / Shakarchi & Straneus Remix / Lets Play House
    7. Robert Dietz / Common / Running Back
    8. Max Graef / Jungle / Heist
    9. Delroy Edwards - For Club Use Only / L.I.E.S.
    10. Vakula / New Romantic / Firecracker Recordings
    11. Mountain Range / Untouchable / Aniara
    12. Moiré / I Don’t Get It / Rush Hour

    Coming soon… A return to Running Back for Mark E… a deadly combo in the past, and most likely it will be again.

    Coming soon… A return to Running Back for Mark E… a deadly combo in the past, and most likely it will be again.

    Fresh batch of arrivals…. #vinyl

    Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - I Was On My Way To Hell

    Diggin’ around in the nether regions of the mid 2000’s stuff and stumbled upon this track. Still sounds diamond…. straight in the bag for Friday. 

    Diggin’ for Tapped @ Birthdays on Friday… This beast is in the bag

    Br4ndy - Slower (Ex-Presidents Rework)

    In honour of Friday’s gig at Birthdays the EX Presidents deliver some serious heat with this huge rework.

    Fingerman - Too Much (Get Down Edits)

    Now this will help you forget that it’s pissing it down again - in August. Happy Thursday.

    Ladies and Gents…. allow me to introduce to you, Tapped resident, and blogging stalwart… 'Slothboogie' 

    click on the sloth to see what Pat has to say for himself

    Olivier Boogie - Looking for a girl (free download)

    Catchy little number, thanks to Pelski for getting this one out there. 

    So that’s where we’ve been going wrong…

    AnA - Seasonal Daddy

    Check this lil edit out. Recently played by Honey Soundsystem on their BIS show Tuesday passed. It’s an interpretation of “The Zombies - Time Of The Season”…. and we think it’s class.

    Forthcoming on AnA Cuts Volume Two.

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