House, Disco and Bass from East London club night, hosted by Debonair, KMG, Slothboogie and TImmy.

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    Space Dimension Controller - Correlation #1

    Once again Mr.8040 returns from the unknown sphere to the Clone basecamp.

    *Correlation #1*
    This is the first in the new “Correlation” series of releases by SDC.
    The vinyl version comes with a series of prints made by SDC himself. Five different prints, each reffering with mood and colour use to one of the tracks on this Correlation #1 release. With each record there is 1 print randomly inserted with the first pressing.

    The Correlation #1 is out today….

    Buy the 12” here

    Space Dimension Controller - Welcome to Mikrosector-50 __ R&S 

    The much vaunted first ‘full length’ LP from Belfast’s Jack Hamill is soon to be among us. 4th of March on R&S, and from the looks of it Mr. 8040 will be embedded on future funk green vinyl too.

    But for those of you who can’t wait that long, an EP of the same name is available from juno here

    Space Dimension Controller - You Can’t Have My Love __ R&S Records

    taken from the forthcoming album, Welcome to Mikrosector-50, and due for release on the 4th of March on R&S records. If it’s half as good as the first… it’ll be considerably better than most

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