House, Disco and Bass from East London club night, hosted by Debonair, KMG, Slothboogie and TImmy.

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    KMG - Baukunst

    Music isn’t much without a bit of context, so here’s a bit of context…. recorded in my horrifically insulated flat with a can of Red Stripe during the hottest London July in a generation, the tracks are all representative in some way shape or form. The title is a german word (probably didn’t have to tell you that) which loosely translated refers to the ‘art of building’, which is something I was keen to get back to… so the mp3’s were left to gather, errr…. what ever it is mp3s gather, and it was time to get back to the basics. No loops, no effects, no nonsense, and no low quality download either, instead a 680mg WAV file. Happy listening.

    1) Rouge Mecanique - Witches __ Pyramid of Mars
    2) Egyptian Nipples - L.A. Melody __ Apersonal
    3) Ooft! - Jareth’s Revenge __ Foto Recordings
    4) Mark E - The Wolf __ Running Back
    5) Move D ft Fragment - Untitled A1 __ Workshop 
    6) Frits Wentink - Mouse __ Wolf Music
    7) Unknown - Track 4 __ Vibes Ltd vol.3
    8) O.m.a.r-S ft L’Renee - S.E.X (C.G.P Remix) __ FXHE
    9) OB Ignitt - Oh Jabba __ FXHE
    10) Sasse - Flushing Meadows (Mark E remix) __ Save the Black Beauty
    11) Jordan GCZ - Cry Baby J (dub mix) __ Off Minor


    OB Ignitt - Oh Jabba __ FXHE

    Not much is known of the who or where about’s of OB Ignitt…. but frankly who cares when he or she is releasing bombs such as ‘Oh Jabba’ on Omar-S’ FXHE label. Interstellar banger of the highest order

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