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    Chmara Winter - Unreleased remixes

    Pets Recordings present an exclusive remix release that sees label debutantes HNNY and Danny Daze turn their remix talents on a brace of tracks from Pets regulars, Chmara Winter.

    Polish duo Chmara Winter have become known for their intricate productions and work with audio textures that impress and delight in equal measure. Kris & Bart’s tracks have been entrusted to the care of HNNY & Danny who turn in two very contrasting reworks.

    Studio Barnhaus artist HNNY takes the reigns on Kings Of Zenon and treats us to a wonderfully low slung, mesmeric groove. Stabbing rhodes riffs are joined by a pained flute and erratic popping synths, whilst the breathy vocal floats beneath. Quite the concoction but each ingredient is mixed to perfection by the Swedish producer to create the most delicious of dishes.

    The laid back daytime vibe of the A side is countered by the Danny Daze remix of Pushcan. The Miami native takes us Prime Time as he reworks the original into a bruising, pulsating animal that lives only for the dark rooms. The sultry vocal heightens the tension as Daze builds the pressure, allowing it to bubble and simmer but never boil and even when the bass drops, he never loses control, impressive.

    DJ T - 25 years of DJing Part 1__Get Physical

    DJ, label owner, producer, club operator, publisher and journalist… over the space of 25 years Thomas Koch has seen it all. 

    From rifling through his parents Disco records as a 10 year old in Frankfurt, to witnessing the birth of Acid House in the late eighties, and then emerging from it all as DJ T, with a thirst to preach his findings to a captivated dance floor in Music Hall during the 90’s.This mix represents the journey of DJ T’s musical past.

    The fact he’s released a mix, with a track to represent each of the 25 years, is noteworthy in its self. Then you see the tracklist, and that Thomas has edited most of the tracks to enable a continuous flowing workout of a mix, and you can’t help but admire the time and effort that has gone into celebrating such a remarkable milestone.


    1. 1988 Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder (Fast Thunder) (DJ T. Edit)
    2. 1989 Bang The Party - Bang Bang Your Mine (DJ T. Edit)
    3. 1990 Major Problems - Overdose (The Final Trip) (DJ T. Edit)
    4. 1991 M1 - Feel The Drums (DJ T. Edit)
    5. 1992 Todd Terry Presents Sound Design - Searchin’ (DJ T. Edit)
    6. 1993 Pacha - One Kiss (Fathers of Sound One Mix) (DJ T. Edit)
    7. 1994 Raze - Break 4 Love (Hard For The Floor Mix) (DJ T. Edit)
    8. 1995 C-Rock - Funky Dope Trakk (DJ T. Edit)
    9. 1996 Mr. Barth - Music Is The Key (DJ T. Edit)
    10. 1997 DJ Hell vs. Richard Bartz - Take A Shot (DJ T. Edit)
    11. 1998 Johnny Fiasco - Conduction (DJ T. Edit)
    12. 1999 Romanthony - The Wanderer (Temple Vox Mix)*
    13. 2000 Technasia - Force (DJ T. Edit)
    14. 2001 Kotai - Sucker DJ (Highfish Remix) (DJ T. Edit)
    15. 2002 John Tejada - Timebomb (vip mix) (DJ T. Edit)
    16. 2003 Ultramarine - Hooter (Carl Craig Remix)
    17. 2004 Vince vs. DJ T. - Superworld (DJ T. Dub Mix) (2013 Edit)
    18. 2005 Gary Martin - Turkish Tavern (DJ T. Edit)
    19. 2006 Shit Robot - Wrong Galaxy*
    20. 2007 jOHNNYDANGEROUs - Beat That Bitch (Johnny’sProblem #13)
    21. 2008 SIS – Nesrib*
    22. 2009 Paul Kalkbrenner - Bengang (DJ T. Edit)
    23. 2010 Kiki - Good Voodoo (Subb-an Edit)*
    24. 2011 Stuffa featuring David A Tobin - Proof (FCL Remix) (DJ T. Edit)

    25. 2012 Catz ‘N Dogz - They Frontin’ feat. Monty Luke 


    Part II is below

    WBEEZA - Mo Bella EP __ Third Ear

    Wbeeza’s first release since 2012’s Peckham Fly/Billy Green Is Ded single. A four track EP of real quality… ‘If You Believe’ is a simple stone cold knockout hook over deliciously arranged elements. ‘Wacky Racers’ is a peak time banger – maybe his hardest track so far. ‘Wise Root’ is a slow burner, only revealing its full force after nearly 5 minutes of keeping the dance floor locked in. ‘Mo Bella’ is a rolling, swinging live jam of irrepressible groove. Four unmistakable Wbeeza joints.

    Release date: 29 March 2013.
    Distribution: Clone (vinyl worldwide) Finetunes (digital worldwide)

    Damon Martin - Wintermute EP

    Disco Bloodbath brethren Damon Martin has pieced together a stonkin’ EP for the Bloodbath’s 6th release on their own ‘in house’ label. It’s available from today at Juno for a paltry sum of £6.75… 

    Fill your boots here 

    The Foreign Exchange - So What If It Is

    The Exchange’s new single… awesome house turn for the duo who released the amazing “Connected” a fair few years back. 

    xsErdbeerschnitzel - Semantics

    This is a track from the album “Tender Leaf”. Released 19/11/2012 on Mirau Musik.

    Some of the most engaging productions this year have come from Tim Keiling, aka Erdbeerschnitzal, and this track displays the full range of his talent. Top drawer.

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